Augmented Reality: A way of life

Alex Castle

30 January 2018

Augmented Reality: A way of life

An extended version of reality can be precise and apt description of Augmented Reality. The digital era is ever evolving. If we look at the history of technological advancement, it will not only amaze us but also give us a good laugh about it. Computers used to take an entire room - stuffed with peripherals, wires and what not. It was further compressed to desktop (that too bulky ones). The slimmer versions saw the light quite later. Laptops eventually evolved, overcoming the portability and performance issues. Tablets were smart cousins and were handier in relative terms. We may not be living a healthy lifestyle in this fast-paced world. But still many of us could live with the fact that at least our devices have become slimmer yet sharper.

Augmented Reality is really a visionary venture that will prove to be fruitful literally to every industry. Imagine a situation where a patient is operated by a doctor in a different country altogether. Educational Infrastructure could be easily scaled up (From virtual classrooms to augmentically enhanced realistic classrooms). Further research and development can evolve in a whole new dimension. The way we deal with Disaster Management will take dramatic turn, but only for our own good. Architecture, Entertainment, Tourism, so on and henceforth- all will be revolutionized.

Service industry will be the one to derive the most out of it. The customer experience will be more enriching. Companies will therefore start spending less on people but investing more in technology.

Augmented Reality in Hiring Landscape (From HR to AR):

With the growing interest in remote jobs, job seekers aren't any longer inquisitive about commute. Per the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics a considerable 22% of individuals in skilled occupations did some or all of their work from home.

The day isn’t very far when “in-person interviews” will extinct from hiring landscape. Virtual interviews have already made to Hiring Manager’s preferred mode of interview. Video interview (Skype/ Webex/Google Hangout etc.,) does save both parties’ time and energy. Such interview can be conducted irrespective of either party’s location constraint. The only thing that matters is seamless internet connection and the respective software application.

While recruiting developers, a video interview does give leverage to startups/companies. However, to an extent HR somehow don’t get a full gauge of the person’s entire personality. On the contrary, AR will take hiring to the next level. Imagine a startup looking to hire a Fullstack Java or UI developer or Mobile resource. The orthodox hiring way will typically involve a phone screening, a coding exercise (in most cases), and final round as an in-person interview. If the candidate is reluctant to come down for a face to face then the best alternate is to conduct video interview.

Now, let’s add AR flavor to it. It’ll certainly expedite the entire process. And will be moreover one-and-done kind of thing. The hiring manager can not only judge the candidate’s caliber in just a single round. Their complete body language, communication skills, technical know-how can be tested in one go. As if, the candidate has visited your facility (well virtually nonetheless).

AR will enable a hiring manager to see the candidate while the candidate gets a first-hand look at the office from the comfort of their home. It’ll certainly inculcate a tech savvy culture, while saving time and resources for interviewers and recruiters.

Especially, companies looking to hire distance or remote candidates, this will prove to be a great option for recruiters who are in different demography but intend to vet candidates. The entire process will ensure that the candidate is a complete package and is qualified for the position. Companies will utilize this technology to their advantage to attract native talent.

To top that, with the use of augmented reality, candidates can complete work-related assessments in their free time or on the go, which can indicate their work ethic and timeliness.

Pokémon Go has been a stepping stone in AR field. With constantly evolving technologies, it becomes crucial for any HR professional to utilize trending technologies that rethink the candidate experience and implement new strategies.

Augmented Reality Engineers are capable of designing and creating computer programs and applications utilizing real-time, real-world data. The entire spectrum ranges from games to informational apps. AR is one of the fastest growing fields in software engineering and that’s why more and more businesses are hiring for this role.

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