Bridge boundaries to hire top coders from across the world

Alex Castle

13 December 2017

Bridge boundaries to hire top coders from across the world

“In these times of self-directed teams, empowered employees, and “boundaryless” organizations, your worth as an individual employee will also get measured by your work group’s collective results.”

— Price Pritchett

There goes a famous saying “Pairs are made in heaven” It’s most likely that your better half may be on the other side of the planet. Likewise there are high chances that your company’s best talent is beyond your reach. Apparently the most qualified talent across the world isn’t just confined to your demography.

There are two major reasons that support the above theory:

  1. A large chunk of top talent is scattered across the globe. They are working for some domestic company,


  1. They’re commuting and working remotely.

In the global hiring context #2 is probably the answer any hiring manager is looking for. Last year in HireCoder’s blog post we shared that a large chunk of working population might be remote by 2020.

Additionally in one of the recent post we mentioned that the most qualified workers are ditching the 9-to-5 jobs in favor of more flexible schedules.

Seemingly there has been a major shift in the style of work. You cannot be adamant in having workers to sit onsite. Yes there may be “unavoidable” instances that team meetings or production issue may arise. But those should be countered only as exception. As a growing company you should be flexible to bank upon the growing tide of the remote workforce. Because, the ulterior motive is to staff your company with the best talent out there.

Most of the top talents are being hired by the likes of Facebook and Google. While the remaining churn now a days prefer to work on their own terms. So it becomes painstaking for the Human Resource Managers to draw a line between being content with mediocre worker or to hash over a stellar worker even if he/she wishes to operate remotely.

But the bottom-line is how on earth you are going to find them. You can hire an agency. Well, that’s the easy route. But you’ll have to compromise on the quality of resources they provide. No matter what claims they make to be the best agencies. There are whole lots of examples where companies have been scammed by putting inferior talent on board. Overcharging clients for the actual hours put in by the resource, have been a common practice by agencies. This adversely affects the goodwill of agencies that actually put in their hard work to vet the talent and churn out cream.

Outsourcing may seem to be a walk in the park. But there are lots of challenges beneath. There’s high probability that you won’t equip your team with top notch talent. You need to expand your horizon and explore online portals like HireCoder. Not only you get top talent guaranteed but at the same time you save cost in the process. So, instead of focusing on hiring individuals try and assemble teams. That ways you can efficiently focus on other verticals/departments of business and fine tune your revenue.

We at HireCoder have helped clients in building great remote teams. We just don’t say. We deliver! What makes us so confident? Well, it’s our streamlined process that enables us to vet, and hire “A teams” that are productive and accountable.

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