Globally Distributed Resource Management

Steve Jones

21 July 2017

The world has changed so is the business model. If we would compare the trend, there have been lots of drastic changes in recent 5-10 years than it has been in the past era. Business is no longer limited to cities, states or even countries, it is expanding globally. From the conventional office setup to working global remotely, it has been a global collaboration. The new business model has brought productivity and cut short conventional expenses hence increase in profit.

Hirecoder is such a globally distributed resource management platform that has grown from and a handful of talented coders, to 100 of some of the world’s best coder talent that are available on demand. With our proven track record, we are considered as one of the bests in the market in managing globally distributed workforce. Below are the few pointers:

1. Management is the Key to success
Management needs to be open to suggestions and should posses the ability to think outside the box to maintain balance amongst globally distributed resources keeping in mind that there will be difference in culture, work patterns and preferences.

2. Communication increases productivity
Working in a global platform with remotely distributed resources always requires proper communication so that the team stays connected and all are on the same page when it comes to setting up & meeting the deadlines.

3. Managing global time zones
Working in different time zones may seem difficult at first but with proper planning and setup we can achieve the goal. We keep our distributed resources connected with the help of webinars and online meeting tools. Productivity increases with frequent and proper communication

4. Let the Team Sync in
Finding competent people who are passionate about their work is the most hectic and time consuming process. Keeping the balance amongst team mates to let them sync in a formation for setting up goals and achieving the deadlines so that you can trust the professionalism of your team. To let them do what they do best would motivate them and spread a thriving workforce & it should be pretty hands off from there.

5. Stay connected, Motivate your team.
Stay connected to your resources and make them understand the importance of a balanced life. Be open to suggestions and encourage them to think out of the box and make them realize that their work matters and their efforts are appreciated because a happy employee is a productive and creative one.

6. Don’t be the Follow suit, set your own standard.
In the modern era, we cannot walk alone or believe in follow suits. We need to walk with the team because the team will work as hard as their leaders. Success driven attitudes are contagious, let your team grow and enjoy their success.

7. Advantages of Being Globally Distributed
Economy plays the decisive factor in any business. If you can cut short your expenses, it would be an add-on to your profit column. Having globally distributed resources working remotely definitely saves up a huge amount of expenses on Infrastructure and the facilities needed to drive the entire set up on monthly basis. It is normal for failing to meet expectations workers to be continued the finance for numerous months, all through different phases of probation, to limit the potential for a representative documented claim. The subsequent cost to the organization can be very considerable. It is well known that start-up companies struggle with their funding & at times it becomes really difficult to bear the monthly expenses like large Infrastructure, Meals and entertainment, Meeting expenses, Office supplies, Rent, Overhead staff (executive, administrative). So the wise step would be to spend minimum amount on monthly expenses and hire an independent resource which gives you the quality output with optimum budget.

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