Here’s Why Freelancing Is On Top Trending Jobs

Sam Jones

23 June 2017

As the beginning of 2017, over 55 million Americans are into freelancing and it seems to be growing steadily because of the lucrative nature of the profile. People are interested working independently because it is a choice and not a necessity.

 Few points which study reveals about Freelancing:

 It is growing: Recent study reveals that Companies are preferring freelancer rather than a full time employee. A freelancer would be the economic choice for any Employer as they won’t have to spend on infra and the basic facilities needed to maintain the office staff which also adds up to the economy. A separate study estimates that more than 40% of the American workforce, or 60 million people, will be independent workers—freelancers, contractors, and temporary employees. The independent workforce earned an expected $1 trillion this previous year, speaking to a critical offer of the U.S.economy. People are moving into freelancing as they are getting better opportunities without a hectic schedule. This way they have a good balance between their professional and personal life.

Technical demand:  73% of freelancers said that technology has made it easier to find freelance work — up 4 points (from 69%) since 2014. Additionally, 66% of freelancers said the amount of work they have obtained online has increased in the past year. The ascent of free work isn't only a shelter to autonomous laborers, either. It also allows businesses to find more targeted and better qualified talent to address their needs—typically at lower costs. As opposed to acquiring somebody full-time, with benefits and a pay, an organization can contract a specialist who's in a perfect world suited to a specific venture. Furthermore, that specialist is probably going to have a bigger number of assets to handle it than whenever some time recently.

Ease of communication:  Working remotely now days is easier than ever. With the help of technology anyone can be reached anywhere, anytime. Team working remotely gets connected with the help of devices and apps. Companies are also developing their own platform to connect with their remote employees which is also a big step. HireCoder is a similar platform, designed to connect companies with talented individual coders. The community lets businesses compare consultants’ profiles to those who correspond with their needs. Clients can avail bidding on projects within HireCoder platform, making it a flexible option to find qualified independent partners.

Merits:  Remote resources will always have an advantage over conventional hiring, Economy plays the decisive factor in any business. If you can cut short your expenses, it would be an add-on to your profit column. Having freelancer working remotely definitely saves up a huge amount of expenses on Infrastructure and the facilities needed to drive the entire set up on monthly basis. A prime illustration is the way that organizations tend to make contract/terminate choices significantly more quickly with advisors than with representatives. It is typical for neglecting to meet desires specialists to be proceeded with the fund for various months, all through various periods of probation, to restrict the potential for a delegate recorded claim. The subsequent cost to the organization can be very significant. It is outstanding that new businesses battle with their funding and on occasion it turns out to be truly hard to manage the month to month costs like huge Infrastructure, Meals and excitement, Meeting costs, Office supplies, Rent, Overhead staff (official, regulatory).
 So the wise step would be to spend minimum amount on monthly expenses and hire an independent resource which gives you the quality output with optimum budget.

The Future: As companies are preferring a contract resource rather than a full time employee, the future of freelancing seems to be optimistic. It merits recollecting the new consultant economy isn't about "temp" work. Autonomous specialists are progressively vital, experienced, and proficient. They need more adaptability than a customary worker, and by and large they're getting it. Ability coordinating stages and cooperating spaces are only two driving patterns behind a specialist economy that is developing more hearty by the day. Different models and administrations will undoubtedly jump up to connect more crevices amongst advisors and organizations in more adaptable routes than any time in recent memory.

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