How are Businesses Using Machine Learning?

Alex Castle

13 May 2018

How are Businesses Using Machine Learning?

The business scenario is abuzz with technologies such as machine-learning and artificial intelligence. Businesses around the world today are using machine learning-based tools for automation of their processes. As per PwC, in the coming years, AI is considered being the biggest disruptor to the industries across the globe.


So, how exactly are businesses using machine learning? Here are a few examples:

  1. Facebook- Chatbot Army

The messenger service of Facebook is a tool for experimenting with chatbots. How? If you are a developer, you can create a chatbot and submit for inclusion in Facebook Messenger.

Not only this, Facebook uses AI applications for being used at the social networking site for filtering spam and poor quality of content. The company is also experimenting with computer vision algorithms. These can read images to people who are visually impaired.

  1. Neural Networks and “Machines that Dream” by Google

These days, Google has been pretty busy with its development of neural network research- the DeepMind network or the “Machine that Dreams.” The company is experimenting with almost every aspect of machine learning that will not only promote further development in classical algorithms but also in other applications such as speech translation, natural language processing, prediction system, and search ranking.

  1. Baidu

The Chinese search engine is also experimenting with AI. The R&D lab of Baidu has developed a deep neural network called Deep Voice. This system generates synthetic human voices and it’s very difficult to distinguish it from human speech. This system can easily pick up and learn nuances of human speech such as pitch, cadence, pronunciation, accent, and other aspects of creating an accurate human speech.

  1. The curated timelines in Twitter

How do you prefer to see your timeline on Twitter? Do you want to see the best tweets first or want a chronological timeline? Whatever is your choice, these changes are made by Twitter’s machine learning technology. The AI of Twitter evaluates each tweet in real time as per its metrics and gives them a score. After that, the algorithms of Twitter display the tweets that are most likely to drive engagement. Twitter’s AI takes these decisions based on individual preferences, resulting in a timeline that’s algorithmically curated.

  1. DeepGraph Machine learning- HubSpot

HubSpot is known to be an early adopter of all emerging technologies. The company plans to acquire the machine learning firm Kemvi and use its natural language processing system and DeepGraph machine learning in the company’s content management system. This will help the company in managing its activities affecting the day-to-day operations.

  1. Better Health- IBM

IBM’s AI Watson has been installed in many medical centres and hospitals recently. It has been effective in diagnosing certain types of cancers much more effectively than oncologists. Watson has been helpful in the retail sector as well where it’s used for assisting shoppers.

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