How can hiring a team and not individual benefit your company?

Alex Castle

04 January 2018

How can hiring a team and not individual benefit your company?

Steve Jobs rightfully said – “Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.”

Indeed, teamwork is a strategic decision. It can either make or break any company. The vision of a Company’s leader can miserably fail when he has a big dream but a bad team.The major challenge with traditional hiring practice is that it focuses on individuals. It simply doesn’t encourage team building and collaboration for that matter. The hiring managers need to understand that hiring a Rockstar Developer won’t magically accomplish the business goals. Apparently individualized focus is harmful for any organization’s potential.

Resources are individually hired and individually compensated. However, the need of the hour is to collaborate cross-functionally and perform well on teams.

The potential for top-performing teams is always much greater than that of top-performing individuals.The hiring managers should aim to aggregate talent and create an environment where Company can do more collectively than mere individual contributions. Great teamsdoesn’t just comprise of skills. The secret ingredientto accomplish extraordinary things every time is to have members who can inspire and enable their teammates to be better and do more.

Maximum productivity can be enabled by the right combination of people in a team. An individual alone can never be at par of collective efforts. Sothe focus should be on building a team of individuals having character traits that complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

What should one look for while building a top class team:

Based on the Scrum and Agile framework, here are some considerations:

  • The team needs to be goal-oriented. Having one common purpose that empowers to be at their best. And ultimately helps in achieving the set goals.

  • Taking ownership and being in the “pilot” (self-manage) mode is another critical aspect.

  • To complete the work, individual members’ work should complement each other. That’s how cross-functional teams will have the right combination of skills.

  • Many team leaders or mentors are prone to wait until a problem occurs before they give feedback.Feedback should be proactive and constant to ensure the team is improving each day. The whole process should facilitate constructive feedback.

  • Feedback alone won’t get the team anywhere. If you want your team to stay motivated, you need to acknowledge and reward them well. It organically ignites extra effort! Additionally, when people are acknowledged, their work brings them greater satisfaction and becomes more purposeful.

Building a world class team in itself is a process. It comprises of a combination of things — like starting with a proper hiring funnel, sourcing quality candidates, conducting interviews and screening employees in the right way, and ultimately giving them a high-quality onboarding experience.

A team ought to act as a conglomerate whose distinctive strengths and variations convert into a robust united force. Fast growing companies like Uber, Airbnb and Facebook, have realized that the only way to achieve this is by part ways with the traditional functional organizational design and to build a cross-functional growth team that supports a rapid-growth environment.

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