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Why JavaScript should be your best buddy for building amazing UI

12 January 2018 Alex Castle

Giving a vow experience to the end user (from look and feel perspective) is the aim of any front end developer. JavaScript is unarguably the most popular programming language. It offers rich OSS module ecosystem. Java’s vision of “write once, run everywhere” was eventually achieved by JavaScript. Like many other prevalent technologies, it has also evolved a lot over the years.

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Top reasons for remote coders to choose HireCoder over other Freelance platforms

23 December 2017 Alex Castle

Working remote or freelancing is the new age mantra. You can literally sit in a lounge (with a beverage of your choice) and still collaborate with your team. That’s the beauty of working remote. Coders from around the world leverage this to balance their personal and professional lives. As the spectrum of profession mushrooms up, so does the freelance economy. Millennial and even veterans are opting for freelance work to make their lives better.

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Freelancing: A trend amongst Youngsters

09 December 2017 Alex Castle

There goes a very old saying – “Age is just a number”. It very well applies to freelancing context. Freelancers literally range from millennial to veterans. The age spectrum is literally very vast. The majority of freelancers comprises of youngsters (18-34 years).

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The Economics of Technical Hiring

21 November 2017 Alex Castle

Demand and Supply is at the core of economic science and it applies to each business that you can simply imagine. As a matter of fact, talent management (especially of resources with technical expertise like Java, Artificial Intelligence, Python, JavaScript, Android, iOS etc.,) the hiring managers have a tough time hit the equilibrium.

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The 9 Most In-Demand Big Data Roles

04 November 2017 Alex Castle

Data is everywhere, and companies need technologies to collect relevant data. Therefore, the demand for people who can use the technologies is increasing.

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