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The Economics of Technical Hiring

21 November 2017 Alex Castle

Demand and Supply is at the core of economic science and it applies to each business that you can simply imagine. As a matter of fact, talent management (especially of resources with technical expertise like Java, Artificial Intelligence, Python, JavaScript, Android, iOS etc.,) the hiring managers have a tough time hit the equilibrium.

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The 9 Most In-Demand Big Data Roles

04 November 2017 Alex Castle

Data is everywhere, and companies need technologies to collect relevant data. Therefore, the demand for people who can use the technologies is increasing.

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How are Businesses Using Machine Learning?

01 November 2017 Alex Castle

The business scenario is abuzz with technologies such as machine-learning and artificial intelligence. Businesses around the world today are using machine learning-based tools for automation of their processes. As per PwC, in the coming years, AI is considered being the biggest disruptor to the industries across the globe.

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8 Trends on Chatbots

31 October 2017 Alex Castle

Chatbots are becoming industry-standard, especially with their application as tools to assist customer service organizations. The growth of chatbots in the market is constantly driven by the need to engage seamlessly with customers. This has also paved way for new trends, which are discussed below.

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Skills For Staying Relevant In The AI Landscape

31 October 2017 Alex Castle

Technological innovations have dramatically changed the current business landscape. It is constantly underpinned by disruptive technology such as AI that can unsettle the way you perceive employment.

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