Skills For Staying Relevant In The AI Landscape

Alex Castle

13 June 2018

Skills For Staying Relevant In The AI Landscape

Technological innovations have dramatically changed the current business landscape. It is constantly underpinned by disruptive technology such as AI that can unsettle the way you perceive employment.

The scope of AI or Artificial Intelligence is constantly expanding as the technology can process unstructured data, which was once human domain. What seemed impossible a decade ago has now become possible. While AI has ushered a new technological revolution, there are few skills that may help you stay professionally relevant.

  1. Creative skills

Machines and robots can understand a process and work accordingly; however, it is highly unlikely that they will be able to create something new. From generating new ideas, new innovations to giving great concepts, humans are most likely to be a master of this creative domain.

Machines cannot imitate the way human develop new ways of thinking or the way they feel inspired to do something new. For instance, they won’t be able to think of creative concepts like marketers or advertisers do or think of new perspectives and write like the writers do. Embrace the process of creative thinking and ideation to stay relevant.

  1. Managerial skills

Managing people is no easy task. Highly skilled managers have to constantly think of ideas to maintain a balance between what’s best for the organisation while keeping their team members satisfied.

They can easily customise their approach as per their team members and the circumstances. They collaborate, lead, and communicate with the team members to bring out the best from them.

Moreover, machines cannot replicate emotional intelligence of the managers. So, develop managerial skills. Every workplace provides opportunities to challenge yourself and grow. Use those opportunities as a stepping stone.

  1. Cognitive Skills

Developing your perceptive and cognitive skills is another way to make yourself future-proof. These skills require developing logical reasoning, common sense, and adaptability. These are something that’s outside the purview of Artificial Intelligence.

  1. Upgrade your knowledge

While skills cannot be taught in classrooms; however, making learning a continuous part of your processes can help you upgrade yourself. In today’s age, learning should be bite-size. And online courses and other educational resources are powerful tools that can help you in this process.

When coupled with internship programmes, you can easily put your newly learned skills to practice and hone them further. Also, stay abreast of latest developments.

  1. Motivator

What does it take to motivate someone? The factors are intangible and this is an important part of many jobs. Teachers encourage and motivate their students to outperform themselves; a manager motivates his or her team members to give their best; a doctor motivates his or her patients to take care of themselves.

A consultant motivates his or her clients to bring impactful changes. Identify opportunities where you can leave a mark. Artificial Intelligence cannot penetrate this domain.

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