The 9 Most In-Demand Big Data Roles

Alex Castle

28 April 2018

The 9 Most In-Demand Big Data Roles

Data is everywhere, and companies need technologies to collect relevant data. Therefore, the demand for people who can use the technologies is increasing.

Here are the 9 most in-demand Big Data roles:

  • ETL (Extract, Transfer, and Load) developers

Professionals who have the skills to acquire and integrate big data are in high demand as a number of companies are seeking to take advantage of data. ETL developers create several ways to extract data from different sources which the company may have. ETL developer can even modify data to cater to the needs of the organisation.

  • Hadoop developers

Data acquired within the Hadoop framework is in high demand given the demand or data volume and the cost involved to process terabytes/petabytes with conventional business tools. Hadoop framework professionals are one of the most sought-after resources for companies.

  • Hadoop administrator

The job roles and responsibilities of a Hadoop administrator are similar to that of a system administrator. These include setting up new Hadoop users, monitoring security and connectivity issues, planning and screening of Hadoop clusters, and maintenance and support for HDFS.

  • Data scientists

Data scientists are the new breed of data architects. Data scientists can create business value propositions with their data organization techniques. These technology professionals drive innovation by exploring and examining data of an organization within their sandbox (a framework for securely running untested software and coding).

Communication skill is crucial for data scientist as they are required to explain data findings to business and IT leaders. In a nutshell, data scientists are the trendsetters for organization that leverage on big data.

  • Predictive analytics developers

Marketing organizations rely heavily on predictive analytics to target product audiences and predict consumer behaviour. Predictive analytics developers examine data of an organization to build potential business scenarios.

These highly skilled IT professionals also predict future performance and test thresholds by implementing assumptions of historical data performance.

  • OLAP developers

OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) developers empower analytics by optimizing data organizations. They create dimensional models by fetching data from non-structured sources and build a user interface to use high-performance predefines queries for accessing data.

  • Information architects

Information architects take full advantage of a company’s data and build an actionable plan. They are required to ensure that the data of a company is organized and interpreted to make significant impacts, mainly to create business values. Some of the key skills of information architects include data modelling, business knowledge, and data management.

  • Database administrator

Database administrators manage the database of a company. The job role includes stability of the database, maintaining safe backups, and handling modifications and updates.

  • Database manager

Database manager lead the data team while maintaining the database environment of a company. Other job roles of database manager include managing personnel and adjusting budget of the department.

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