Top reasons for remote coders to choose HireCoder over other Freelance platforms

Alex Castle

13 March 2018

Top reasons for remote coders to choose HireCoder over other Freelance platforms

Working remote or freelancing is the new age mantra. You can literally sit in a lounge (with a beverage of your choice) and still collaborate with your team. That’s the beauty of working remote. Coders from around the world leverage this to balance their personal and professional lives. As the spectrum of profession mushrooms up, so does the freelance economy. Millennial and even veterans are opting for freelance work to make their lives better.

If you are someone who is passionate about writing neat code, but hate the mundane corporate job. There are whole lots of options. For any profession you can think of, you can find an online marketplace or an app for it – “from the likes of Upwork to the inspired versions of Toptal”. But there’s one marketplace which is unique in pretty much every sense. Let’s find out how!

Striking equilibrium between demand and supply:

There is a huge demand for talented developers, but unfortunately the supply is scarce. Information Technology is the oxygen for the economy. In the 21st century, no business can survive without it. With the need of IT in every walk of life, the demand for technical resource is dramatically increasing day by day. Understanding the need of the hour, HireCoder has addressed the painpoint through stringent screening process. This process ensures that substandard resources are vetted out. The client gets ONLY the top notch talent.



The recruitment industry is really huge. Apparently there are nexuses working full fledge (but under the carpet). Proxy interviews are organized where someone else answers interview questions on behalf of the actual candidate. This is unethical by EVERY employer’s standards.

On the contrary, HireCoder’s ideology is to provide Startups and MNCs with top notch talent who are also 100% genuine at the same time. No more waiting for developer’s profile. You can go through the skillsets/profile of the developer. And then initiate live video chat session. What better way than chatting over Live Video with the developer could guarantee genuineness? You can not only gauge the developer on their technical know- how, but also their overall aptitude and attitude. Your dream development team is a chat away. Click here!

Core Expertise:

After studying the IT market in depth, HireCoder platform supports technologies those are relevant for a scalable enterprise solution. Manhours currently deployed their respective technologies:


The Scrum and Project deliverables are taken care of by project managers at HireCoder at no cost. On top of getting the

Inexpensive Resource:

Apart from connecting instantly with the developer another best part is economical resource. Not cheap but just economical that are project-budget-friendly.

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