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Jay Sen


Jay Sen is CEO of HireCoder since 2016, global market for hiring talent on demand, As CEO of HireCoder, he is driving the company’s vision of connecting businesses with great talent to work without limits. He is an expert on working with professionals around the world, having also managed the company’s global tech team of 100+ product managers, designers and engineers. Jay was adjunct professional at technical department of the Fortune 500 companies like Cisco , AT&T, S&P, Capital One bank and Siemens.

Jay is a Smart CEO winner, he was honored as a Smart100 CEO, an exclusive group of 100 top-performing and highly respected CEOs in VA-DC-MD. Also he has achieved Top 500 Diversity Owned Businesses in the United States. His journey of success doesn’t stop here, under his guidance company has been awarded as Top 5000 companies by INC magazine.

Jay has very strong technical background, with lots of technical certifications like IBM Web Sphere Commerce Application Development, IBM Web Sphere Portal Solution Development, Microsoft certified MCTS - SQL Server, Microsoft certified MCTS - .NET Framework,Oracle OCJP, JAVA WCD, he is also ITIL Certified.

Jay has 17 years of leadership experience, he was raised in the technology industry. In 2001, he leveraged his deep understanding of the industry to found Abacus Consultancy Services, Under Jay’s leadership, AMS has grown to become a recognized leader in human resource and coupled up with companies starting from start – ups to fortune 500 companies.

He also headed AMS LLC as a CEO from 2008 to 2012, the Company continue to experience dramatic growth, with an expanding client base that includes US government and hundreds of fortune commercial clients.

Amy Blair


Amy Blair is currently serving as the Chief Operating Officer with HireCoder. She is a successful, energetic leader with proven track record of delivering results and has spent over twenty years of management experience in IT and education industries. She worked with companies like AT&T , Sprint and Global One .

She is exceptional communicator, with financial acumen and proven strengths in the management of large service centers, strategic projects and organizational development with value- added results, Functional expertise in human resources, operations and international outsourcing projects.

Her core responsibilities include: planning and directing all aspects of finance, human resources, information technology, legal, regulatory compliance, strategic planning and analytics, operational analysis and integration; and driving and ensuring accountability for strategy implementation and business goal achievement particularly as it relates to financial, mission, compliance and customer satisfaction.

She earlier in his career headed companies took them to heights and help them deliver solution to fortune 500 companies. She worked with client’s includding Start Ups, Small Businesses, Non Profit Foundations, to large Fortune 50 clients. Leadership Journey Group helps to diagnose organizational needs and deliver results tailored to make the most impact Specialties: Human Resources, Organizational Development,Customer Experience, Strategy Development, Executive Development, Branding, Coaching, and Business Planning.

She was seasoned experts in marketing, sales, customer experience, operations and human resources in big MNCs like AT&T , Sprint and Global One. In her point of view, lack of ideas or insufficient funds are never the biggest barriers to truly superb performance in most corporations. Instead, large organizations (and individuals) sturggle to be great because they lack clarity and focus around purpose, and simplicity and discipline around execution, particularly during times of discontinuity or change. It is precisely these barriers that we help organizations and individuals overcome.

Russell O'Bryan

Vice President, Sales

Russell is currently designated as the Vice President, Sales with HireCoder. He is a highly energetic and passionate professional with deep expertise in achieving consistent measurable results, building and mentoring team players, partnering with leadership on organisational transformation to influence and achieve company's goals.

He is a marketing, business development and sales strategist with the ability to assess highly complex, multi-disciplinary environments in a simplified manner to produce quantifiable results. He specializes in developing and implementing go-to-market strategies for multinational organizations using open sourced market intelligence, risk mitigation strategies, brand repositioning, data analytics, and other techniques to drive growth.

He is expert in sales enablement, business development, product management, project management, strategic planning, marketing communications, and non-market stakeholder strategy.

He has proven track record in reputation management, risk mitigation, credibility transfer, coalition formation in multiparty negotiations, social media analytics, data analytics, digital content management, Google Analytics, SPSS, Salesforce. Apart from English he knows Portuguese, and Spanish as blessing in disguise.

John Allan


John Allan chief marketing officer with 15+ years experience developing successful marketing programs. A strong, collaborative leader who strives in a fast paced, constantly changing environment, to deliver business results and grow market share.

Responsible for strategic marketing leadership supporting HireCoder Business Analytics, Collaboration Solutions, He was also CMO at AMS LLC to led the design and delivery of client-centric marketing to make and capture markets, and fueled the strategy and planning for business alignment and marketing to help in the building of market- leading, integrated capabilities that leverage and showcase HireCoder’s strength across mobile, social, big data and cloud categories, while creating value for line-of-business buyers through domain and industry focused solutions.

A highly energetic and passionate professional with deep expertise in achieving consistent measurable results, building and mentoring team players, partnering with leadership on organisational transformation to influence and achieve company's goals.

He produced to be deputy CMO, Abacus Consultancy Services, Engaged as IT strategy advisor with US based consulting and expert services organization, working with multinational banks and IT companies, in the areas of IT enabled services, digital business strategies, business process transformation, infrastructure outsourcing and enterprise procurement strategies, Investor, mentor and advisor with software startups in the areas of analytics, business intelligence, big data, mobility and social media.

Develop and implement IT policies, standards, guidelines and procedures, enabling successful completion of regulatory and internal compliance audits, Direct and matrix manage projects and vendors to achieve budget reductions, Manage complex technical projects, Evaluating both technical and procedural business continuity capabilities, Manage remote access and secure solutions including firewalls, VPN’s, remote access, e-mail and web content checking.

Undertaking and managing IT health checks, network vulnerability and penetration testing, creation and delivery of training courses.

He has led to partnerships with industry leaders like HP, wellspring group, Relation building has enabled contracts with various customers like PBGC, IFC, DHL, Target and several Public Sector customers including farmer insurance group etc.

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