Why clients and freelancer love HireCoder

Mark K. William


HireCoder has huge amount of work and I am consistently getting business and benefits working with them and their project managers are quite supporting as they fulfilled the gaps and make it easy for me to code.

John Andrew


Happy working with HireCoder, Its so fast I have got my first project just the same day I joined HireCoder, after initial screening process. Painless communications with the support of HireCoder team and quick payment releases are some added advantages. Moreover, I've also been able to develop my skills working on a variety of projects.

David Miller


I enjoyed the pace of Hired. Clients were very responsive and moved through the process very quickly which was incredibly helpful for me. I never had to wait more than a couple days to hear back from clients.

Jason Lee


I have worked on many other freelancing websites but on HireCoder with live video chat functionality I am getting sufficient amount of work and clients. I have refer my friends to join HireCoder and we are constantly getting better in terms of skills and our lifestyle. I am thankful to HireCoder team.

Why clients and freelancer love HireCoder


Ratnakant From Demandforce

Project Manager

Coder has a very good overall performance. He struggled initially, but after some guidance, Coder has improved to a great deal. As regards improvements - Coder needs to understand the whole picture, timelines and urgency at times. Other than that, Coder is a very good team player.


David From Wex

Solution Architect

The Coder assigned to our project was very knowledgeable in Java application development as well as Amazon.


Sue From VirMedica

Director of Customer Operations

Coder has helped us a lot here at VMI. He took over a very tricky situation and code base and has provided the support we needed. His attitude & willingness to always help is very much appreciated. He sometimes misses details but this may be because he didn't write the code and there was not a very thorough hand off. He isn't afraid to take a look at new things and will spend the time necessary to figure it out. I have enjoyed working with Coder these past few months.


Jim From PayPal

Staff System Administrator

Coder brought 'full stack' developer skill sets, and enabled us to deliver a quality dashboard. Features and functionality requirements changed week-to-week, and Coder was able to adapt and deliver as requested. I did find it challenging to communicate effectively on a remote-worker basis.


Kyle From Salesforce

Marketing Cloud Product Management, Senior Manager

Coder is an exceptional asset to the team and delivers quality and timely work.


Heather From Actualize Consulting


Solution was to provide java development for an internal tool, Coder was able to understand the requirements and provided excellent development of the requirements. In addition Coder was asked to document the solution, which he did in the allotted time frame with little to no guidance.


Paul From KenzanMedia

Project Manager

Coder was always willing to go the extra mile to make sure the job was done well. He would put in the time required to make sure the client was satisfied. From joining meetings to reworking code to meet the requirements. A pleasure to work with.


Keyur From Acxiom


It was pleasure to work with Coder. He helped us in our project and contributed his technical expertise.


Eric From Alexandria


Coder performed all tasks exceptionally. He was very careful to understand requirements and document his code. He also was very careful about determining best practices for any given approach he was considering. Coder was a delight to work with, and we very much liked his work.

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